The primary objective of our Postlicensing Education Program is to provide instruction at a level beyond that provided in the Broker Prelicensing Course on topics deemed to be of special importance to licensees. Per Commission Rule 58A.1902: Provisional Brokers must complete, within three (3) years following initial licensure “a Postlicensing education program consisting of ninety (90) hours of classroom instruction in subjects determined by the Commission” [G.S.93A-4(a)1]. The program consists of three 30-hour courses, at least one of which must be completed in each of the first three (3) years following initial licensure in order to retain eligibility to actively engage in real estate brokerage. (SPECIAL NOTE: This rule requirement

will mandate completion of all three Postlicensing courses within eighteen (18) months of initial licensure

effective July 1, 2020.)

Required Textbooks

Each Student is required to use the current edition of the North Carolina Real Estate Manual and the North

Carolina License Law and Commission Rules booklet in each Postlicensing course.

Broker Postlicensing Courses: $225 tuition per 30-hour course

$199 tuition per 30-hour course for returning Triangle Real

Estate Academy students